Let me bring music to you!

Mobile Music is a high-quality, affordable music program available all year round. Your school, facility, or program will benefit from the Mobile Music curriculum. Classes can be tailored for your programs needs. If you'd like to bring Mobile Music into your program or facility, please contact me for more information.  

Berlin, WI  54923

Instructor: Jamie-Lynn Kraft

(920) 290-4019

First Years Music 0-2 years

Build a foundation for the love of music and movement! The First Years Music class will surely introduce your infants and young toddlers to many new musical, social, and cognitive skills at an early age.  

Preschool Music 3-4 years

Exploration and creative play through the Preschool Music curriculum will have your preschoolers using his/her imagination through age-appropriate musical activites. Students will develop skills in social, emotional, cognitive, and musical areas through instrument, movement, stories, and sing-along activites.

Young Musician  5-7 years

In this advanced class the Young Child will begin a foundation for reading music notation and applying them to playing instruments and  age appropriate singing/sight-reading. This class will develop skills in musical ensembles while still engaging in fun, structured musical activities. Musical creation and performance opportunities will be available to this Young Musician class.